Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Spring Shopping Trip

Mom and Christy met Julia and me in Boardman. We had a blast running all over the mall! I'm not sure that Julia is a shopper yet. She wasn't too impressed, but we sure had fun! :)

Forever, For Always, and No Matter What

This is the sign that hangs in our bedroom. It was a wedding present given to Stephen and me. Today however, it didn't make me think of us... it reminded me of my amazing sister. Christy and Mike have been apart for over five years. They have some awesome memories together... but for their marriage, time has stood still. Christy goes to Indiana once a month to visit her husband. The rest of the time they try to communicate in the limited ways that they can. They are determined to made their marriage work. And you know what? I believe it will! Take a moment to whisper a prayer for them... and then if the person that you love is nearby, give them a big hug, and don't take them for granted!